topography maps in Prescott

Prescott Drone Solutions can create contour maps for your Prescott projects.

As aerial drones have become more popular for mapping, so too has the technology to accurately map an area. When we talk about topography map accuracy, there are two primary forms of accuracy we refer to: relative accuracy and absolute accuracy. Whether you need mapping for construction, farming, or marketing for your Prescott business, Prescott Drone Solutions gets you the accuracy you need.

Relative Accuracy

If you need the information from the map itself but do not need to use that information for an actual space, this level of topography is ideal. You may want to confirm all of your equipment is on site and in place, or you may want to see the overall progress of your project to build a 3D model or time-lapse image. You can also take small-scale measurements with this method. Maps with relative accuracy give you a detailed overview of your project that can be used to quickly assess a situation or give a visual reference.

Absolute Accuracy
Absolute accuracy provides an extremely precise level of accuracy that can be used in conjunction with other geo-referenced data. It provides specific latitude and longitude measurements as well as elevation measurements for your project. This level of accuracy is commonly used for land title surveys, environmental documents, design documents for construction projects, and overlays for geo-referenced site plans.

You may be familiar with the term “survey-grade accurate”. For a topographical map to be truly deemed a survey, it must meet the standards in the American Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ASPRS) guidelines. It must then be approved and stamped by a licensed surveyor. This allows the map to hold up in court.

The accuracy you achieve with relative or absolute methods is largely based on the drone and the quality of data you retrieve. A run-of-the-mill drone will likely not be able to provide you with the accuracy you need. To see how Prescott Drone Solutions can help you get the information you need for projects for your Prescott business, call us today at 928-925-0736. Visit us online for more information at