thermal imaging with drones in Prescott

Prescott Drone Solutions offers thermal imaging with drones for your Prescott construction or building project.

The amazing technology of thermal imaging can reveal incredible details about your building. This tech detects the infrared light (heat) of objects and puts them into an image for you to see. Prescott Drone Solutions wants to discuss with you thermal imaging with drones in Prescott.

Inspection Details
Drones can use thermal imaging to inspect the health of a commercial building safely. Whether it be the roof or the general structure, the thermal image can identify damage invisible to the naked eye, such as in the piping, mechanical elements, and infrastructure. With the very accurate radiometric temperature analysis method typically used today, you can easily find the specific point of a problem.

Inspection Safety
It is now critical for organizations to use thermal building inspections. Finding problems in a commercial building can support insurance underwriting and save a buyer millions of dollars. Also, thermal images can help with routine maintenance, revealing unseen minor problems that could turn for the worst later. Before thermal tech, property managers, insurers, and owners had to rely on unsafe inspections practices – like climbing on a roof – to get the job done.

Now, thanks to thermal imaging with drones, inspections can be accomplished safely and accurately. No more scaling large buildings! Instead, use drone technology to check the high and low spaces that you can’t reach. For all your thermal imaging needs in Prescott, contact Prescott Drone Solutions today at 928-925-0736. Learn more at