The benefits of drones in Prescott construction – Part 2

Prescott Drone Solutions can help your Prescott construction company save money and keep employees safe.

Aerial drones are versatile tools that are quickly becoming an invaluable resource for the construction industry. In Part 1, we discussed a few of the ways Prescott construction companies have begun utilizing this new technology to enhance and improve their operations. Prescott Drone Solutions is bringing Prescott construction companies into a new generation of project management. In Part 2, we are examining even more ways drones are changing the construction landscape.

Theft at construction sites is a big deal. The National Equipment Register (NER) estimates the impact of theft to be between $300 million and $1 billion annually, while the estimated recovery rate is only 25%. While insurance may take care of many of these thefts, it does not reimburse you for the time and energy you have to spend filing a claim, obtaining new equipment, and trying to get your project back on schedule.

Drones offer the ability to do a fly-over to ensure equipment is in a secure location. You can also check if there are unauthorized individuals on the job site. The best part is, you can do this from anywhere. If you are on a business trip, you can do a quick visual inspection to ensure things are running smoothly.

Your workers’ safety is the highest priority. When workers take measurements by hand, they often have to work in higher areas that may be unstable. Of all the fatalities that occur on site, 39% occur from falling. Drones are able to take these same measurements without compromising the safety of the worker. It can also be done faster improving overall efficiency.

Inspection and Photography
Many construction companies use drones to assist in inspections. Thermal sensors can find hot or cold spots that may be due to leaks. A fly-over can help an operator find stability issues. When planning maintenance on larger structures like bridges, towers, and scaffolding, a drone can take the place of an entire team of surveyors.

Aerial drones provide project managers with greater visibility and increased efficiency. Prescott Drone Solutions knows how important it is to keep a project running smoothly. If your Prescott construction company can benefit from lower overhead, increased safety, and greater security, call us today at 928-925-0736 or visit for more information.