The benefits of drones in Prescott construction – Part 1

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Aerial drones are everywhere. You can find them flying in houses, over fields, or capturing video footage of sporting events. Drones provide a wide array of possibilities and applications in different industries. One such industry is construction. Prescott Drone Solutions provides video and photographic solutions to improve the operations of Prescott construction companies.

The real-time video, photographic vantage points, and location data that drones provide help increase productivity and lower costs. Here are three ways that the construction industry is utilizing drones.

Land Surveys and Mapping
When planning a large project, topographic information is essential to avoiding design mistakes. However, creating topographic maps takes a lot of time and money. This means you may not have up-to-date information that you need for your project.

Drones provide a quick and cost-effective way to photograph and map large areas. Timely information keeps your project on time and on budget. It also provides information necessary for feasibility studies and design decisions.

Equipment tracking
In order to keep a project’s budget on track, a supervisor tracks the equipment on site to avoid paying extension fees on equipment. This tracking is not foolproof and occasionally falls victim to messy spreadsheets and lapses in memory. When this happens, a drone gives the supervisor the ability to quickly look at the entire jobsite to determine what equipment is onsite and where it is located.

Greater Visibility
Providing updates and progress reports for clients is an important part of the project management process. Drones allow you to give your clients better visibility by providing an overview that shows progress on a large scale. Even better, your clients do not have to be onsite to get this overview, so they can rest easy knowing their money is being used well.

Drones provide a simple and cost effective solution to multi-faceted and complex construction projects. Contact Prescott Drone Solutions at 928-925-0736 to learn how we can help your Prescott construction company increase efficiency and lower costs. Visit to learn more.