It is exciting to be on the cutting edge of the newest trend in marketing: digital marketing with videos on social media. And in that new form of marketing there is something that’s been flying around recently – literally. Drones! Those little unmanned aerial vehicles have completely transformed marketing. Drone filming can be a huge plus for building your brand with video.

Marketing with Drones

​Why is photography the number one industry using drones in the United States? And why is drone photography becoming so popular in digital marketing?

The fact is, audiences are infatuated by drone videos because they provide a perspective that’s different from anything they have experienced in their everyday life. We are quite used to standing on the ground and seeing everything at eye level. An aerial vantage point draws the viewer into the scene because it is so fascinating.

While any business can tap into the potential of drone videos for marketing, there are a few types of content for which drone videos are especially well suited. Here are just a few ideas:

  • Real estate videos
  • Sporting event coverage
  • Art festival coverage
  • Hospitality marketing, especially for hotels and resorts
  • Party planning and wedding videos
  • Marketing sports gear
  • Marketing video equipment
  • Promoting cities
  • Promoting retirement communities

Drone videos can be recorded in a way that creates a sense of suspense and anticipation. Consider a drone video 200 feet in the air and at a far distance from your building that slowly approaches the door on opening day. What about a video from a drone flying around in your retail store that captures the fun and energy of the enthusiastic employees?

You don’t even need to be highly creative to produce a great drone video. Record your concept with traditional video, but also use a drone. Blend the two versions together to give your audience a thrilling and unique experience.

There is a lot to learn and love about marketing with the help of drone videos. We want to share our knowledge and expertise with you.

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