Drones offer a safe alternative to physical inspections

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Insurance companies are one of the most common businesses in which drones are employed in their everyday operations. Prescott Drone Solutions shares how drones offer a safe alternative to physical inspections in Prescott.

Just about five years ago, insurers began experimenting with unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Their claims departments found them useful for adjusting property claims. In 2016, the FAA eased the regulations on commercially-used drones. Since then, even more insurers have begun using them.

Drones have certain features that make them especially cost-saving and safer to insurers to use in their claims investigations:

  • They are small, easy to maneuver, and don’t require an airport runway.
  • They are much more economic to use than manned aircraft.
  • Because drones don’t require an onboard pilot, they can fly to places that are unsafe for humans.
  •  Drones move faster than humans, traveling more quickly over a large geographic area than people can cover on land.

Here are some of the applications for which insurers use drones:

  • Insurance Inspections. Drones are the perfect solution to for accomplishing property insurance inspections, especially if the insured property is extensive or difficult to reach.
  • Roof damage inspections. Roofs that are typically difficult and dangerous to inspect. Cameras used on drones can capture very detailed images, including parts of the structure that aren’t accessible using traditional methods.
  • Other damage Inspections. Drones are great for inspecting damage to large structures, such as warehouses.
  • Post disaster claims inspections. Drones are very effective for inspecting areas affected by a major disaster, such as a floods and hail storms.

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