how drones are impacting the insurance industry in Prescott

Prescott Drone Solutions can provide a safe way for insurance companies in Prescott to inspect property damage.

Drones are making a big impact on many professions recently, including real estate and construction. One of the fastest growing applications of drone use is that of high-risk jobs. Police, emergency management services and fire/rescue teams use these unmanned devices to keep their employees safe. For the same reasons, many insurance companies have been implementing insurance inspection drones. Prescott Drone Solutions explains why drones are impacting the insurance industry in Prescott.

Insurance claims adjusters are often performing high-risk jobs. They are called to on-scene investigations of fires, accidents, crimes and property damage to evaluate what is and what is not covered by the insurance provider. Natural disasters provide a very dangerous environment for the claims adjuster.

Claim adjusters cannot simply operate drones purchased by their companies and begin using them for their work. There are two ways drones may be employed for claims adjustment use:

  • Drones can be purchased by the insurance company, and employees can be trained and licensed for their work. (Prescott Drone Solutions offers such training!)
  • A company like Prescott Drone Solutions can be hired to perform expert work in the claims adjustment process.

Insurance companies no longer need to put their employees in harm’s way in dangerous claims adjustment situations. Drones can now be used to investigate damages caused by natural disasters and other events from a safe distance.

Prescott Drone Solutions hopes this discussion of how drones are impacting the insurance industry in Prescott is helpful to you. We can either train your employees to be drone pilots or work with you to provide the necessary data for your claims adjustment process. Call Prescott Drone Solutions for an appointment at 928-925-0736 or visit us at