FAA requirements and drone training in Prescott

Prescott Drone Solutions can give you the training you need to become a drone pilot in Prescott.

Drones are becoming increasingly popular, and more and more people want to get involved with the technology behind UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles). With everything in place and your dreams of flying, you might be curious about owning a piece of new technology for yourself. Prescott Drone Solutions offers some tips about drone training in Prescott and FAA requirements for those who are serious about becoming a drone pilot.

The first thing we’d like to go over are the FAA requirements for operating a drone in the area because it is important before you do start training.

Some basic FAA requirements for becoming a drone pilot are:

  • You must be at least 16 years of age
  • You must be able to read, speak, write, and understand English
  • You must be physically and mentally able to safely fly a drone
  • You must pass an aeronautical knowledge exam

The aeronautical knowledge exam includes topics such as:

  • Small unmanned aircraft regulations
  • Airspace classification and operating requirements
  • Effects of weather on small unmanned aircraft performance
  • Loading of unmanned aircraft
  • Emergency procedures
  • Radio communication procedures
  • Psychological effects of drugs and alcohol
  • Airport Operations
  • Preflight inspections procedure

Drones have amazing applications and they are a new way forward. If you are interested in becoming a drone pilot, and meet the FAA requirements, contact Prescott Drone Solutions for drone pilot training in Prescott. Our highly experienced remote pilot instructors use cutting-edge equipment and offer the highest quality residential training courses to assure effective and safe operations. We have training packages that are offered at all levels, including industry specific scenario-based training. Call Prescott Drone Solutions for an appointment at 928-925-0736 or visit us at http://www.prescottdrone.com.